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about me

Music for me wasn’t a choice, it’s always been just something I do. As a kid, this meant I used to walk around my town singing. In high school, this meant playing in band and eventually leading the band as drum major. And now, in college, this means studying music as a songwriting major, and writing and playing with every free moment I have.

Music was always a part of my life, but I really fell in love with it when I heard “Teardrops on My Guitar” when it came out and found out that Taylor Swift writes her own songs. I’d never realized that someone had to actually write the songs, and as soon as I realized that songwriting was a thing, I had to try it. After writing my first song, I was hooked. Songwriting gave me a way to say all the things I was feeling when I didn’t think I could say them out loud.

While Taylor Swift’s career is inspiring for me insofar as the type of performances she did earlier in her career that were more focused on storytelling, as well as her incredible songwriting, I think the artist whose career I most admire is Sara Bareilles. She’s definitely influenced me musically, but more than that I admire how many different things she’s done through the course of her career: released three amazing albums, written a memoir, written the music for and performed in a Broadway musical, as well as a televised musical adaption.

My interests are kind of all over the place: I run a podcast, a blog, I used to be a children’s librarian, I used to review books, I love crafting (even though I’m bad at it). But no matter how much time I spend on my other hobbies, somehow I always come back to music.